September 2015

Cocktail Crate set at Craft & Caro


And now in the Relax collection, Cocktail Crate mixers!

These premium cocktail mixers are handcrafted in small batches in Queens, NYC, by a guy named Alex who quit his job in 2012 and raised funds on Kickstarter in order to bottle the recipes he’d been making for family and friends to great acclaim. The only difference between these and the one’s he was making at home is the booze; these don’t have any, so you just have to add your own and voila! first-rate craft cocktails without the bar.

Cocktail Crate Lavender Bloom cocktail mixer

Like our other carefully chosen mixers, Cocktail Crate drinks are super easy to make. Just add spirit, shake vigorously with ice, and pour. Garnish if it tickles your fancy but it’s not absolutely necessary. And they really are mixologist-worthy concoctions, with real juices and natural sweeteners like New York wildflower honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar, and topshelf flavor components like organic lavender, jasmine, and handmade sriracha.

Cocktail Crate Sriracha Margarita cocktail mixer

Each one is an original recipe designed to showcase its short list of ingredients, pairing delicately with its corresponding distillate. Since they don’t use any extracts or concentrates, the resulting flavor profiles are strikingly well balanced, especially considering how easy a cocktail it is to make. You barely even need a cocktail shaker! (though it does help)

Cocktail Crate Ginger Bee cocktail mixer

Lean in to fall and relax in the comfort of your own home with a deliciously simple and ingeniously sophisticated craft cocktail. Peruse these straightforward mixers, and a shaker to boot, in Craft & Caro’s Relax collection right here:

Cocktail Crate Spiced Old Fashioned cocktail mixer

Almanac Notes now at Craft & Caro

Now offered in our Work collection are Letter Notes and Blueprint Notes, luxury paper goods handmade in Baltimore, MD by Almanac Industries.

Almanac is a husband & wife team focused on making handcrafted, quality goods using traditional methods, thoughtful design, and an attention to detail that can only be applied by hand. Their notepads are printed on an early 1900’s cast-iron letterpress using heavyweight, 100% recycled cotton paper. Each page is hand-fed one at a time into the press, then hand bound and tied with a soft cotton lace.

Almanac Industries Blueprint Notes Airplane

Blueprint Notes are fifteen-page notepads, each with an old-fashioned image of one of five different specifications: airplane, boat, lighthouse, knots, or waves. Depicting the technical side of classic gentlemen’s pastimes, each lends itself to a different sort of man, or at least a different side of him. The daring biplane pilot. The outdoorsy kayaker. The wise, wary ocean navigator. The knowledgeable knot-tying sailor. The smooth sunkissed surfer.

Almanac Industries Blueprint Notes Knots

Letter Notes are also fifteen-page notepads, with a single capital letter pressed on each page in one of six patterns that rotate throughout the alphabet. These are a simple, classic alternative to bespoke stationery, with a touch of textile influence reminiscent of the traditional wardrobe. Choose the first letter of your first or surname to add a personal touch to your jotted professional memos, friendly hellos, or romantic sweet nothings.

Almanac Industries Letter Notes A with kraft envelope

All Almanac Notes come with natural kraft envelopes, one per page. See these beautiful, honest, endearingly innocent handmade paper goods in Craft & Caro’s Work collection, and add something special to your handwritten correspondence:

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Frost River Overland Garment bag three in a row

Today’s addition goes to the Travel collection with beautiful waxed canvas and leather luggage handmade in Duluth, Minnesota.

For over 100 years, Frost River has been hand crafting portage of uncompromising quality using heritage methods, materials, and designs. Each one has been rigorously vetted under the harsh wilderness conditions of Northern Minnesota and Southern Canada, and is backed up by an unlimited guarantee against materials and workmanship. That’s right, if something on your bag breaks, send it back and they’ll repair it.

Frost River Overland Valise Weekender

Our selection of Frost River presents three options for the gentleman of today: a garment bag, an overnight/weekender bag, and a carry-on that’s just small enough to be allowable on board most commercial aircraft. All three are constructed of 18oz Martexin waxed cotton canvas, SB Foot Tannery USA leather, double-reinforced sewn and riveted straps, and solid brass fittings throughout. Bottoms and stress points are leather a rivet reinforced, and closures are both zippered and flapped – you could drag these bags a mile in the pouring rain and your clothes inside still wouldn’t get wet.Frost River Overland Valise Carry OnOn top of neverending durability, this collection is classically gorgeous. Triple dark leather straps with bright brass buckles atop natural olive-colored waxed canvas creates a stately appearance worthy of admiration. Even better, with quality and craftsmanship like this, each piece will age gracefully, having the longevity to develop a storied patina and supple hand. As a set, the three will together travel in timeless style.

Frost River Reliable Soft Goods brand closeup

See this uniquely authentic, heritage American luggage now at Craft & Caro:

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Wash For Men body wash

Part of Craft & Caro’s Groom collection just since yesterday is Wash, body wash for men.

This straightforward body wash is sustainably made in USA with just a few natural ingredients: water, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoamphoacetate, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, pro-vitamin B5, hydrolyzed wheat protein, citric acid, and essential oils.

Though some of these ingredients are hard to pronounce, they’re all a-ok. For example, decyl glucoside is produced by reacting corn sugar with a fatty alcohol from coconut, and is a gentle cleanser that won’t bother sensitive skin. And Wash is free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes, and synthetic fragrances – the usual suspects. Even the bottle is made of 100% post-consumer recycled material, and is recyclable. Of course it should go without saying, this product was never tested on animals.

The formula Wash for Men has worked out is highly emollient and leaves skin feeling moisturized, soft and smooth, never dry, itchy, or tight. A little goes a long way with this stuff and it lathers up lusciously. The light citrus scent is noticeably orangey; a welcome, waking aroma first thing in the morning that whets the appetite for some fresh-squeezed with breakfast. And a note on aesthetic: the stark white bottle with black lettering is easy on bleary eyes, making for a modern, minimal, luxurious overall experience. It’s surprising how much difference a good-looking bottle can make.

Wash For Men body wash back label

Get this proudly produced product (indeed, it’s the only thing they make) in Craft & Caro’s Groom collection here:

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White Whale lineup at Craft & Caro

Although we launched two new products over the weekend, being at American Field Boston all day Saturday and Sunday, we didn’t get the chance to write about them. So today we have a few coming at you! Starting with White Whale bold cocktail mixers.

Just added to our Relax collection are these delicious concoctions that make it easy to mix bar-quality cocktails in just a few easy steps. Take any of the five White Whale varieties, mix one part White Whale with one part spirit, add ice, stir, and garnish. You don’t even need a shaker, though they’re not bad at all when you do use one.

White Whale mix how-to infographic

Each of the recipes offers something unique and tasty. Blends of exotic juices (like youngberry) and garden-fresh herbs combine to create strong, spirit-forward cocktails that delight the palate and conjure prohibition-era speakeasies of the South. Made in Durham, North Carolina using all natural ingredients, White Whale mixers are a reliable staple behind the home bar. Their innovative, sophisticated whimsy is reflected as much in flavors as it is in their names and back-of-bottle descriptions:

White Whale The Mob Man

Whaddaya want, eh? Some kinda neon-green cocktail like yous is down on da Jersey Shore gettin’ wrecked with Pooki, Nooki or whatever-her-name is? This ain’t spring break and if ya know what’s good for ya you’ll hav’a Manhattan. Oh, your Manhattans have vermouth in ‘em? Fuhgeddaboudit, Mr. Fancy Face. Yours’ll have cherry, blackcurrant, and anise and you’ll like it or else we’ll find ya some concrete loafers and serve ya up a mouthful of the East River.

White Whale The Skinny Dipper

Aw, you’re blushing. You just remembered that spring day long ago, when your heart overflowed with the promise of youth. The cool of the wind on your skin, the fear of getting caught, and the shiver when you finally took the plunge. Ah, pure bliss. Then that little punk Timmy Tanner swiped your clothes from the shore when you weren’t looking. Relive the memory with a breezy blend of mango puree and lemon. Just keep an eye on your clothes this time, OK?

White Whale Your Older Brother

We know what you’re thinking right now: “Keep your damn pine tree out of my cocktail.” Hold your horses. It ain’t pine, it’s Siberian Fir, pine’s suave older brother. And when it does the Jitterbug with juicy orange, organic lemon, and your favorite vodka, it’s magic. No, not kid’s stuff like sawing scantily-clad assistants in half. More like an ancient wizard standing on a cliff conjuring wormholes to new worlds. Let’s see a pine tree do that.

White Whale Aunties Old Fashioned

The year is 1976. You stop by Aunt Mildred’s house at, say, four o’ clock in the afternoon. You dodge the tribe of feral cats that roam her halls and arrive at the kitchen, where Mildred blends exotic youngberries with an infusion of rosemary from her garden and adds something she refers to as “Auntie’s Little Helper.” Aunt Mildred claims that the secret ingredient is love. Technically, it’s bourbon. Mix one up just like Auntie used to! It’ll be our little secret.

White Whale The Filthy Liar

Have you ever tasted Lychee fruit? If you answered “Yes” you are either an exotic fruit importer or you’re lying. Probably you’re lying. Regardless, be prepared to be seduced! When this floral fruit encounters the herbal tag-team of rosemary and clove, your tongue experiences something like, well, remember the first time your eyes beheld the sun rising above an aqua sea, the perfect silence broken only by the distant cry of the humpback whale? Bingo.


Get your White Whale alongside a selection of curated, quality bar accessories in Craft & Caro’s Relax collection right here: