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Valentine Gift Guide for Men

whether you (or your lover) are a valentine's day enthusiast or not, these 9 gift ideas eschew the traditional tokens in favor of everlasting... quality   groom   The safety razor: a classic, time-honored tool of gentlemen’s grooming. It takes a bit more care and attention to shave with one of these versus your standard disposable… Read More

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Sportes MITI with bacon

The English name “Swedish Log Stove” or “Swedish Fire Torch” is actually a rough translation from the German word “Schwedenfeuer”. Why a German name for a supposedly Swedish invention? During The Thirty Years’ War of early-mid 17th century Europe, Swedish soldiers pioneered the method of using a single, split log as a heat source and… Read More

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WP Homemade Gin Kit

Ever been curious about making your own spirits? Wood-firing a shiny copper still, pouring clear, almost pure alcohol into barrels, then later tapping those barrels to release caramel golden brown Oh Be Joyful. It’s so romantic! It is, but it’s also a ton of not-unskilled work, a significant investment, and potentially risky on several fronts… Read More

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American Field Brooklyn

American Field Brooklyn

  Meet us in Brooklyn! Craft & Caro will be at American Field this Saturday and Sunday at Industry City in Sunset Park. Get a head start on your holiday shopping at this lively event! American Field is a free, open market of exclusively Made in USA goods. That’s right, absolutely everything at American Field… Read More

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Craft & Caro keychain

  Fiddle no more with traditional keyrings! Craft & Caro’s got you covered, with the easiest keyring ever designed, now in our Travel collection. Such a simple innovation: add a bend in one section of the ring to create leverage, allowing the user to press down on one side, raising the other side so that… Read More

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