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About the author: Paul Jackmauh Paul Jackmauh was born and raised in Boston. He spent his boyhood summers riding the T, armed with a digital camera and a Discman, exploring Boston’s assorted cultures. Paul attended Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, MA, where he first honed his skills as a writer. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst a few years later with a B.A. in English. Paul remained in the Pioneer Valley after college, joining a lively local economy of independent businesses, artisans and artists. He has worked in the worlds of craft coffee and beer and loves them both. Paul never lost his passion for creative writing either, organizing many poetry readings and storytelling events along the way. In 2013 Paul led a creative writing class at North Star Self-Directed Learning Center for Teens. The same year Paul won a business pitch competition at the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. Since then he has been exploring various exciting business opportunities. In 2015 he returned to Boston. Paul is passionate about writing, music, travel, entrepreneurship, craft beer and coffee, farm-to-table culture, and helping the human race evolve in every way possible. He is terminally verbose. He is excited to be working at Craft & Caro, a company that appreciates authentic, built-to-last craftsmanship and ethical production as much as it does luxury and style.

Schon DSGN Pens in workshop

When you first see a Schon DSGN pen, you have to pick it up. The bare metal cylinder commands the landscape of a coffee table like a tiny monolith. A curiously pleasing screw action opens and closes the cap, an enticement for endless fiddling. Depending on which metal yours is made from -- aluminum, titanium… Read More

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Summer Beer Review Beers

Finally. Summer. The season that beer was made for. We’ve got the beers that were made for the season. Whether you’re enjoying one (or two) on the couch, the deck, the dock, the boat, the trail or the ballpark, there is no better time of year for a nice cold brew. Here are a few… Read More

Craft & Caro logo and nylon strap

Evolution is the process by which a species adapts to its environment, in order to thrive. It happens in small steps. It is catalyzed by chance. Each successful variation endows a lucky creature with new or improved abilities, ensuring the strength and endurance of its line. Homo Sapiens is subject to this natural progression, of… Read More

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Father's Day. It's the holiday we were born to curate. Our vast selection of keepsakes and treasures will help you give Dad a truly standout gift. Here are a dozen highlights from the Craft & Caro stockroom that are sure to inspire you.  Groom F. Hammann Leathergoods has been making world-class items since 1864. Five generations of the… Read More

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News Bulletin

Art on display in Market at Casablanc

Dear friends of Craft & Caro, We want to take a moment to share with you some of our latest accomplishments, and some exciting things to come! After a few action-packed weeks of taking part in pop-up events, launching the Maker Profile blog series, planning for the summer, and making new friends all along the… Read More

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