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Valentine Gift Guide for Men
whether you (or your lover) are a valentine’s day enthusiast or not, these 9 gift ideas eschew the traditional tokens in favor of everlasting… quality




1.) Mühle Rose Gold Safety Razor

The safety razor: a classic, time-honored tool of gentlemen’s grooming. It takes a bit more care and attention to shave with one of these versus your standard disposable razor, but once he gets the hang of it, these are better in every way. The shave is closer and more precise, leaving clean, smooth skin and a sharp lineup. The blades are a fraction of the cost of disposable cartridges, and since they’re a simple slice of metal, nothing more, they avoid all that clunky cartridge-plastic going to landfill. And last but not least, since it’s constructed of solid stainless steel and a rose gold finish, one of these lookers will elevate his bathroom aesthetic forevermore as it develops patina with age.

Rose Gold Safety Razor, $72.00, made in Germany by Mühle

Mühle Rose Gold Safety Razor

2.) F.Hammann Zippered-Leather Manicure Set

Your man already has a safety razor? Well then, this is the next step. Whether he likes to believe it or not, a man’s hands speak volumes about him. No, we’re not talking size here, we’re talking fingernails! Whether he’s in the studio, the boardroom, or the bedroom, a man’s nails should be trimmed, filed, and clean. Help him keep those digits groomed with this leather clad travel set, also made in Germany. Crafted entirely of German materials, from metal to calfskin. Six tools tuck securely in a dark zippered pouch, making it easy to store inconspicuously atop his vanity, in a drawer, or in a Dopp kit.

Nickel Manicure Set, $120.00, made in Germany by F.Hammann




3.) Lajoie Summerville Billfold Wallet

Valentine’s Day has always been about the little details – secret tokens of adoration exchanged between lovers – and if it’s details he loves, then this wallet is guaranteed to please. Starting out as a single piece of Horween hide, edges and stitch holes are precisely laser-cut. Each wallet is then stitched together by hand, using beeswaxed twine, combining to form a supremely durable seam. Edges are hand-burnished for a clean, finished look and feel. All in all, this is one of the finest billfold wallets we’ve encountered, from materials to craftsmanship to design. Available in the Massachusetts exclusively at Craft & Caro.

Summerville Wallet, $159.00, made in Montreal, Canada by Lajoie

Lajoie Summerville Wallet

4.) LTHR Supply x Craft & Caro Leather Ruckpack

Your man already has a good wallet? Well then, on to bags! This leather rolltop is a simple yet eyecatching piece. Constructed of full-grain USA steerhide and heavy duty nylon straps, it has a single closure with a sturdy aluminum quick-release buckle. Continuous, adjustable shoulder straps ensure the right fit with no loose ends dangling about to get caught in subway doors or tangled in a bike wheel. The large, raw-interior rolltop panels make for extra stowage and multiple styling options. Made in Massachusetts exclusively for Craft & Caro, this limited edition design is rare enough that you’ll probably never run into someone else who has one – only 10 units of each color were produced.

The Ruckpack, $499.00, made in Boston by LTHR Supply x Craft & Caro




5.) Victorinox Limited Edition Soldier’s Knife

Unfortunately, as this guide was being written, the last of our Soldier’s Knives were sold. Being the 125th anniversary edition, only 1,884 units were made. Still sometimes-available on secondary markets like eBay (for a big premium) these knives are replicas of the original Swiss Army knife, the very first one manufactured for standard issue to Swiss soldiers in 1891. They are a shining example of heritage and craftsmanship, built to the exacting standards that have made Victorinox synonymous with quality for over 125 years. While we are indeed sold out of this limited edition, we do still have some excellent pocketknife choices available, like the beefy Swisschamp with hardwood handle, and the hammered sterling silver Classic SD. A man can never have too many knives, really.

Browse our selection of Victorinox pocket knives here, from $16.00 to $240.00

Metal Shop Bullet Pencils

6.) Schon DSGN #0001 Pen

Yet another essential tool of the gentlemans kit, a pen. Having become so accustomed to the throwaway norms of this modern day, many forget – or have never experienced – the pleasure of using a really good writing instrument. The flagship line of pens from local designer Ian Schon offers a great starting point for the uninitiated and a next step for the connoisseur alike. The pens form remains consistent throughout the line – each style is identical in design and function save for one feature: material, and more specifically, the shine and weight of that material. From the sleek 1.0oz aluminum to the warm and weighty 3.2oz bronze, each yields a different experience. Which pen is right for him – or you – depends highly on personal preference; some people like it heavy, others like it light. For those who aren’t sure of their preferences yet, we recommend a lighter weight to start off.

#0001 Pens, from $58.00 to $180.00, made in Massachusetts by Schon DSGN


7.) Metal Shop Bullet Pencil

One good writing utensil deserves another! This time, a pencil. The best-looking, most user-friendly pencil around. This design takes its queue from British soldiers during WWI, who were known for jamming pencil tips into spent shell casings to make writing with tiny pencils more comfortable. The Bullet Pencil augments that historical habit with a screw-tip that holds the pencil safely inside the tube when not in use, then flips around and screws back on the tube when needed. No more worries of skewering oneself through a pocket! With finishes in a range of materials and colors, this is the perfect tool for designers, students, and anyone who appreciates the undeniable utility of erasure. Pair it with one of these notebooks for a truly unique set.

Bullet Pencils, from $40.00 to $77.50, made in Connecticut by Metal Shop




8.) Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask

If your man enjoys his spirits, then he needs a flask. This design has remained unchanged since its original production in 1819, from the American birchwood stopper to pure copper body, hot-tinned interior, and soldered edges. A truly authentic example of American history, these pieces are made in USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. The gleaming copper exterior will tarnish quickly with use, gaining a unique patina and eventually turning that iconic green hue, but can also be polished up right back to its original luster. Keep his lips wet and his heart warm, whether you’re with him in body or spirit 😉

The Great American Flask, $198.00, made in USA by Jacob Bromwell

h/t to Bully Boy for being our favorite local distiller and nextdoor neighbor

Rob Roy 5th Avenue Throw

9.) Pendleton 5th Avenue Throw

Is there anything cozier than the warmth of lovers cocooned within a soft blanket? This is a gift that will keep on giving, to both of you. 100% merino wool is ultra soft and markedly warm, while also being lightweight, making this blanket a great choice for cuddling up on the couch or the beach. A three-inch fringe creates a homey formality that’s welcome in the living room, and the bold, simple Rob Roy Camel plaid leaves this blanket masculine enough for him to call it his own: possibly the perfect Valentine gift. And since it’s a Pendleton, it’s sure to last a for many date nights to come.

Rob Roy Camel 5th Avenue Throw, $149.00, made in Oregon by Pendleton Woolen Mills


Thank you for reading! Check out all of the above and many more carefully selected goods at

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Father’s Day. It’s the holiday we were born to curate. Our vast selection of keepsakes and treasures will help you give Dad a truly standout gift. Here are a dozen highlights from the Craft & Caro stockroom that are sure to inspire you. 


Manicure set, Cologne, and Shaving set

1.) F. Hammann Stainless Steel Manicure Set

F. Hammann Leathergoods has been making world-class items since 1864. Five generations of the Hammann family have maintained a standard of excellence that defines their brand. Production is still carried out entirely on-location in Offenbach, Germany. The company processes its own leather, using only all-natural tanning agents. This handsome manicure set is complete, compact, and built to last a lifetime. The Eschenburg tools inside it are made with precision, for precision performance, year after year. $162

2.) MCMC Dude No. 1 Cologne

MCMC Fragrances makes all-natural perfumes and colognes in Brooklyn, NY. Founder Anne McClain studied aromatherapy and then perfumery in Grasse, France. Anne and her sister Katie oversee the manual production of each heavenly fragrance in their line. Dude No. 1 is a refreshing take on the masculine essence. A deep base of sandalwood, Virginia cedarwood and Haitian vetiver mixes with Moroccan rose, spicy ginger and pink peppercorn. Fresh, exotic, and seductive, for the James Bond in every dad. $75

3.) Mühle Sophist Buffalo Horn Shaving Set

These masters of heirloom-quality shaving accessories broke ground in Saxony, Germany at the conclusion of World War II. Over the decades, their commitment to excellence has endured and grown along with them. This gorgeous set is a gift Dad will cherish for the rest of his life. Beautiful, hand-turned buffalo horn and corrosion resistant chrome are painstakingly finished with a high-gloss polish. Famously soft silvertip badger hair makes the perfect lather every time, for a luxurious start to the day. A classic set of tools for the man who deserves the very best. $505



Frost River Bag

 4.) Frost River Overland Valise Weekender

Frost River makes beautiful, adventure-ready bags in Duluth, Minnesota. Their vintage style and high-quality construction are inspired by the trail blazers, prospectors and craftsmen who first explored the Northern Wilderness. In honor of that bygone era, Frost River’s methods and materials adhere to traditional production values. Each bag is made carefully from Martexin waxed canvas from New Jersey, quality leather from SB Foot Tannery in Minnesota, and finished with solid brass hardware. The Overland Valise Weekender is a ruggedly handsome, hardworking, sophisticated travel companion that you can count on to haul more than its fair share of the load. Sound like someone you know? $300

Leather wallet and Bottle opener key shackle

5.) American Bench Craft Hammer Riveted Wallet

Brothers Jason and Chris founded American Bench Craft in 2014, to honor “the heritage of [their] grandfathers and the products they relied on.” Every American Bench Craft product is made by hand with manually-powered machines and tools in their home workshop. The Hammer Riveted Leather Wallet is the flagship design on which they ran their Kickstarter campaign. Each wallet is made from a single piece of high-quality, naturally dyed leather that is folded and riveted, not stitched together, for unmatched durability and longevity. A sharp-looking, simple wallet that Dad can count on. $74

6.) Metal Shop Key Shackle Bottle Opener

Possibly the ultimate Dad gift. Simple to use, always handy for popping your favorite bottle, and entirely manly. Hand-machined from raw 304 Stainless Steel and then hand-finished, each Key Shackle opener bares unique production marks. Jon Fontane started Metal Shop in 2013 to honor the memory of his grandfather’s New Jersey machine shop. He eschews modern mass-production practices, and designs thoughtful, unique items, meant to honor authentic craftsmanship. He works out of his studio in Connecticut, in partnership with a collective of small, family-run machine shops. $45



Fisher Space Pen, Bull & Stash leather notebook and Almanac Industries Blueprint cards

7.) Almanac Industries Blueprint Notecards

Husband and wife team Jacob and Whitney Cecil make their exquisite stationery one sheet at a time on their antique letterpress. They find joy in all things old fashioned, including attentive craftsmanship. These classic cards are no exception to their efforts. Their Blueprint series features nautical images and diagrams, including boats, rope knots and lighthouses. Each set includes fifteen heavyweight cards, hand-stamped with your image of choice. Whether Dad is the sender or the recipient, he is sure to appreciate the extra touch that these elegant cards add to the occasion. $32

8.) Fisher Original AG7 Astronaut Space Pen

Probably the coolest pen in the solar system. This is the original Space Pen, designed for use by astronauts and tested by NASA. It accompanied the crew of Apollo 7 into space in 1968 and has been used on every American space flight since, including the first moon landing. The design has never changed. The AG7 is uncannily satisfying to use. Solid chrome-plated brass and steel components lend a healthy weight to the pen. The action on the click mechanism is fluid and substantial, an homage to classic analog mechanics, akin to the pleasure of using an antique cash register or cable clutch. Fisher’s proprietary pressurized ink cartridge ensures a smooth flow, flouting all atmospheric and gravitational conditions. Proudly made in the USA, for every boy, young and old, who still wants to be an astronaut. $50

9.) Bull & Stash Leather Notebook

Oregon-based Bull & Stash is new to the world, but their rugged notebooks are destined to be classics. A staple of the Craft & Caro selection, each notebook is made from a single piece of naturally dyed leather from free-range American cows, hand-finished at a family-run tannery in Santa Croce, Italy. The thick, oiled leather forms a flexible, spine-free, water-resistant cover. The refillable paper pad is held in place with two aluminum screws, for added durability and easy replacement. Every Bull & Stash will develop a distinguished patina over the years, each as unique and personal as the writing inside. A wonderful example of an everyday item elevated by imaginitive design. $5-$50


Flask, copper shot glasses and Sportes log stove

10.) Beier-Lederwaren Ostrich Finish Steel Flask

Another standard-bearer of fine German design, Beier-Lederwaren has been manufacturing high-quality accessories since 1922. Their stainless steel flasks are built to last a lifetime. While we carry an extensive selection of Beier-Lederwaren flasks, this particular one is our favorite. Rich cow leather, expertly finished to resemble exotic ostrich hide, lends a classic, debonair look to this little heirloom. Give Dad a touch of European flair. $89

11.) Jacob Bromwell Old West Copper Shot Glasses

Jacob Bromwell has been making iconic American goods since 1819. Their first Cincinnati factory opened to supply westbound settlers with the necessities of life on the frontier. Every heirloom item is made by hand in America, from materials sourced in America. These copper shot glasses are hot-tinned according to Jacob Bromwell’s proprietary method, making them the real thing, not just ornamental replicas. Worthy of the likes of Wayne, Eastwood and Bronson. Sure to add a touch of style to Dad’s bar. Maybe he’ll even break out some of the good stuff for you. $150

12.) Sportes MITI Swedish Log Stove

For the dad who loves the outdoors, even the one who thinks he has all the gadgets he will ever need to answer the call of the wild. MITI means “log” in the tongue of the aboriginal people native to Quebec, where Sportes is located. Their ingenious Log Stove is designed to perfect a concept developed by the Swedish Army in the 1600’s. Simply quarter a medium-sized log, stand the four pieces up, then position the Log Stove on top. Lock it into place with the included spikes. Suddenly a few pieces of timber have become a stable stove, complete with cooktop and steady burn temperature. Adjust the spacing between the logs to raise or lower temperature. Pretty cool, right? Dad will think so too. (Rib eye not included.) $65

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Craft & Caro's 4/20 Collection

Craft & Caro is always there to help equip you for life’s richest occasions. For all the connoisseurs with cause to celebrate this Wednesday, we present our April 20th smoker’s guide. Show your best buds how much you care, with some artfully designed tools of the trade. Are you experienced?

Storage Solutions

Smoking accessories from Craft & Caro

Herb Preserve Jars (1) $8-$20 There is always room for innovation. Herb Preserve has even made a few improvements to the standard glass jar. Theirs feature light-blocking pigmented glass, an airtight sealing lid, and thick, durable construction. Fragrances stay in, light and air stay out. Assorted sizes, designed to work as a set, make this line the most convenient (and discreet) way to tote your buds, whether you’re walking the dog after dinner or spending the week in Joshua Tree.

Pocket Ashtray (2) $48 Tsubota Pearl provides us with a graceful solution to an eternal struggle. The handy pocket ashtray fits easily in your pocket, purse or bag. Pop it out whenever you need it. Prevents messes and unwanted scents on clothing, cars and furniture. Polished chrome, hand wrapped in leather. The classy way to ash.

Bronson Cigarette Case by Jacob Bromwell (3) $198 A beautiful keepsake from one of our favorite heritage brands. Jacob Bromwell has been making fine household goods in America since 1819. This handsome cigarette case is hand soldered from pure copper. Hot-tinned on the inside for a rugged finish. Easily holds a dozen healthy handrolls. Built to last a lifetime, by the company that patented the first flour sifter.

Lighters and Grinders and Buds (Oh my!)

Herb grinders and lighters from Craft & Caro

Space Case Herb Grinder (4) $30-$44 Aircraft grade aluminum, finished with an anodized non-stick titanium coating. Magnetic seal, low-friction teflon gasket. Precision-machined dull-resistant teeth. Yes, we are talking about a grinder. This space-age unit is built to shred smoothly all afternoon. Enjoy a fine, consistent grind for years to come, with a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Sweetleaf Herb Grinder (5) $26-$32 The trusty vintage herb grinder with the patented “peg” design. Made in Canada since Bachman Turner Overdrive was making hits. No tricks here, just simple, solid construction (from polished aluminum) and an iconic design.

Tsubota Pearl Black Satin Lighter (6) $48 Tsubota Pearl, a family-run business, has been designing lighters with expertise since 1952. Over the years they have designed dozens of lighters that embody the term “modern classic.” This satin-finished brass model is sharp. Each component is manufactured with care, for a smooth, reliable performance. Uses clean-burning butane. Light your fire like a pro.

Tsubota Pearl Onyx & Mother of Pearl Checker Lighter (7) $264 Oh Tsubota Pearl, you shouldn’t have. This gorgeous onyx and mother of pearl-finished brass lighter is one of our personal favorites. A precious keepsake for yourself or the special connoisseur in your life.

The Sweet Scent of Discretion

Scented items from Craft & Caro

Wary Meyers Candles (8) $28.50 These funky candles are handmade by artisans John and Linda in coastal Maine. Fun, all-natural scents like Sea Salt & Watermelon and Honey & Cocobolo Wood provide sensuous ambiance all afternoon. Perfect for setting the mood or clearing the air.

Dyer & Jenkins Shelter Spray (9) $20 Ditch the harsh deodorizers. These rustic scents are made from all-natural essential oils. The most convenient way to refresh any dank smelling room, tent, cabin, closet, pillow fort or Chevelle SS. Available in Walden (cedar & balsam fir), Clemens (vanilla & tobacco) and Whitman (peppermint & tea tree). Portable, fast acting and easy to use. Where were these things back in the dorm??

Sonny Marshall Studios Balance Incense Holder (10) $95 Sometimes there is no substitute for a good Nag Champa session. This unique incense burner is handmade from white oak by L.A. woodworker Sonny Marshall. A small brass weight holds your incense of choice, while balancing the fulcrum-mounted ash catcher beneath it. A beautiful zen curio for your desk, meditation shrine or bedroom.

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11 Fabulous Gift ideas for Mom from Craft & Caro

Craft & Caro strives to be the finest purveyor of gentlemen’s essentials, but many of our fine products are beloved by ladies as well! We put this luxurious Mother’s Day gift guide together for the fashionable mom in your life.


The Executive Collection

Executive Collection for Craft & Caro's Mother's Day Gift Guide

For the mom who means business.

The Lajoie Shoulder Tote (1) is simple, sharp and gracefully stylish. Laser cut Dutch leather, hand stitched with urban-farmed beeswax twine, gives this bag an elegant precision. A few modest accents add a touch of flair, elevating it from formal work tote to rock-star-chic fashion accessory. Built in Montreal to last a lifetime. $365

A handwritten note is always more heartfelt than a store-bought card. Think outside of the shoebox with Bohemia Correspondence Cards (2)! These colorful greeting cards from Prague are themselves a worthy gift consideration. The sturdy, bordered cardstock with matching tissue-lined envelopes makes versatile stationery for lighthearted hellos, holiday greetings or formal affairs. $32

Now let’s equip that bag with some accessories of its own. We recommend the Schon DSGN #0001 Metal Pen (3), made here in Boston. Solid, stately and classic. Its heft in the hand commands authority, just like Mom. Fabricated from your choice of silver or black aluminum, limited edition brass, bronze or titanium. Rolls Royce not included. $58

One of our Bull & Stash Refillable Notebooks (4) completes the set. A single piece of deliciously soft nubuck leather, hand finished in Italy, forms the jacket of this tough, travel ready notebook. Spine-free and very flexible, this attractive jotter is the professional way to scratch, scribble and brainstorm in the office, on the commute or in the park. Cut in three sizes, including two pocket-sized. $15-$50


The Vacation Collection

Vacation Collection for Craft & Caro's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Because motherhood is a beach.

The iconic Pendleton Glacier Park 5th Avenue Throw (5) makes a lovely keepsake for any room in the house. Its plush Merino wool is irresistibly soft — perfect for curling up on the couch, laying out on the beach or picnicking in the park. A gift to be enjoyed for years and years. Manufactured in Oregon since the 1860’s. $138

Mom can pack her Pendleton into a Revival Series Boston Bag (6) for her afternoon excursion. This historic design is tastefully executed with rugged canvas, hand-stitched leather and solid brass hardware. All the trappings of a good time can fit into this handy tote. A removable leather shoulder strap makes carrying heavy cargo easy. Buttons up or down for adjustable size, in case Mom’s afternoon off turns into a whole weekend! Proudly designed and made in Boston. (Check out designer Marie Thompson’s recent coverage in The Boston Globe!) $198

No sunny afternoon is complete without a nice cold drink! Owl’s Brew Cocktail Mixers (7) provide a fun and easy way for Mom to enjoy some DIY craft bartending. Made in Vermont from freshly brewed tea, fruit and herbs, each Owl’s Brew comes ready to mix with your spirit of choice. Add ice, give it a stir and you’re done!  Feeling more creative? Give classic cocktails a new twist or experiment with custom recipes! It’s even great on its own, as a refreshing artisanal iced tea. $10-$18


The Pamper Collection

Pamper Collection for Craft & Caro's Mother's Day Gift Guide

She pampered you. Here’s your chance to pay back the favor with some all-natural items, crafted to delight the senses and soothe the soul.

A standout addition to any culinary library, Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water (8) is filled with enough inspired infusion recipes to last all summer long! Mom will have a blast making her own garlic confit oil, peach bourbon, homemade limoncello and pineapple-mint-coconut water, to name a few. This beautifully illustrated guide even includes secondary food and cocktail recipes incorporating its luscious infusions! Another thing to look forward to next time you’re invited to dinner at Mom’s. $25

No Mother’s Day gift guide would be complete without a scented candle or two. MIZU (9) nails it with their perfectly balanced hand-poured candles. Made with 100% natural soy wax and essential oil blends. Each scent in the Mizuworld Collection captures fragrances from a particular region of the globe, like Lemongrass & Jasmine for Thailand and Fig & Olive for Greece. Yum! Brighten Mom’s world with something extra special. $22.50

Bring a touch of the exotic to Mom’s morning routine! Wary Meyers Soap (10) is beautiful, festive and fragrant. Made with love by a funky pair of interior designers who left New York City for the rocky shores of Maine. Their dazzling all natural soaps sport bold, playful scents like Beachy Coconut, Grapefruit & Clementine, and Cedarwood & Vanilla. A gentle glycerine-based formula makes these soaps soothing and moisturizing, with a luxurious smoothing finish. $14

Thorn & Bloom Artisanal Botanical Perfume (11) redefines high-end fragrance. This premium line of all-natural eau de parfums is hand crafted by certified natural perfumer Jennifer Botto. Natural botanical ingredients create more nuanced and authentic aromatic profiles than conventional perfumes can achieve. Each intricate scent is inspired by Botto’s childhood memories of her family’s farm in upstate New York. A truly precious treasure to share, made just down the road in Somerville, Massachusetts. $65-$199 (Full interview with Jennifer Botto here.)

There you have it, friends. Eleven inspired gifts to help you show your mother just how special she is. The only thing left to figure out is how to out-do yourself next year.

Mother's Day Gift Guide from Craft & Caro

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last minute Gift Guide

Craft & Caro Gift Guide



1. Barley Chatsworth Safety Razor by Edwin Jagger – $148

2. Northwesterner Carry All by Wood & Faulk – $199

3. Limited Edition Ropes Blanket by Appalatch – $200

4. Classic Beard Oil by Brooklyn Grooming – $28

5. AG7 Astronaut Space Pen by Fisher USA – $50

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