We pick it back up again today with the Double Wave business card holder from Folle.

Designed by Folmer Christensen of Denmark, this desktop card holder is as the title says, a double wave. The vertical wave creates the perch on which 20-30 of your business cards sit. The horizontal wave is harder to perceive from some angles, but very apparent from straight-on.

Folle Double Wave Card Holder head on

The Double Wave is solid steel with a polished satin finish for an elegant, modern aesthetic, making an edgy but playful, design-aware statement on behalf of anyone upon whose desk it sits. The flows of simultaneous vertical and horizontal curvatures create illusory visual impressions that almost always warrant a double-take, and keep the piece interesting time and again – as any work of art should – challenging the onlooker to decipher exactly what it is he or she is seeing.

Folle Double Wave Card Holder angle left

Such a simple, easily overlooked item on almost every professional’s desk, elevated to beauty but far from gauche. See the Double Wave card holder, designed and made in Denmark by Folle, available in Craft & Caro’s Work collection today:

Folle Double Wave Card Holder side

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Almanac Notes now at Craft & Caro

Now offered in our Work collection are Letter Notes and Blueprint Notes, luxury paper goods handmade in Baltimore, MD by Almanac Industries.

Almanac is a husband & wife team focused on making handcrafted, quality goods using traditional methods, thoughtful design, and an attention to detail that can only be applied by hand. Their notepads are printed on an early 1900’s cast-iron letterpress using heavyweight, 100% recycled cotton paper. Each page is hand-fed one at a time into the press, then hand bound and tied with a soft cotton lace.

Almanac Industries Blueprint Notes Airplane

Blueprint Notes are fifteen-page notepads, each with an old-fashioned image of one of five different specifications: airplane, boat, lighthouse, knots, or waves. Depicting the technical side of classic gentlemen’s pastimes, each lends itself to a different sort of man, or at least a different side of him. The daring biplane pilot. The outdoorsy kayaker. The wise, wary ocean navigator. The knowledgeable knot-tying sailor. The smooth sunkissed surfer.

Almanac Industries Blueprint Notes Knots

Letter Notes are also fifteen-page notepads, with a single capital letter pressed on each page in one of six patterns that rotate throughout the alphabet. These are a simple, classic alternative to bespoke stationery, with a touch of textile influence reminiscent of the traditional wardrobe. Choose the first letter of your first or surname to add a personal touch to your jotted professional memos, friendly hellos, or romantic sweet nothings.

Almanac Industries Letter Notes A with kraft envelope

All Almanac Notes come with natural kraft envelopes, one per page. See these beautiful, honest, endearingly innocent handmade paper goods in Craft & Caro’s Work collection, and add something special to your handwritten correspondence:

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Folle 26 Staples and Chrome Stapler 26

Today’s addition, number five of 30 in 30 days, is small but mighty: staples, made in Denmark by Folle, the iconic desk accessory manufacturer.

Staples are pretty much staples – these aren’t gold plated or anything like that. But they are made specifically to go with Folle’s most notable design, the Stapler 26. They are of commensurate quality with Stapler 26, being the highest there is, and they come in a matching Folle 26 box. The box may indeed be the most interesting thing about these staples – it’s repeating type pattern in black on off-white evoking a sort of mod aesthetic.

Folle 26 Staples box repeating

Folle 26 staples come 5000 to a box so unless you really do a lot of stapling, one should last quite a while. They’re standard ¼” size so they will fit in other staplers, too, including all those carried at Craft & Caro.

See these fine staples and other matching desk accessories in Craft & Caro’s Work collection here:

Folle 26 Staples stacked

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